First off, lets explain what AI is.

AI is a computer system that can do tasks that humans need intelligence to do.

Is this your future?

Currently AI is like a teenager, It is supremely confident, it has used up a lot of resources, and this year its gonna get a job and spread its wings.

The easiest way to think of a AI is to switch it around to Intelligent Assistant, IA

There are currently many applications using IA and its likely you use at least one of them every day.

From your mobile phone when you ask questions of Google or Siri to your sat nav and instant translation. Even if you have a car that flashes in your mirror warning someone is in your blind spot this is descended from AI.

Three main factors have now converged to push AI beyond games (and here it’s getting much harder to win) and into our everyday lives and workplaces:

  • Computer processing power is doubling every two years (known as Moore’s Law)
  • The amount of data being generated is more than doubling every year (AI algorithms are hungry for data)
  • There is now 50 years of established AI research, giving us better and better algorithms

At a recent Google masterclass I attended, Google explained how it uses this information to serve up better AdWords results, remarketing and SEO. The objective is to serve up precisely what you want even before you think you want it!!

Have you heard of Google Brain?

Google Brain is a deep learning artificial intelligence research project at Google. It combines open-ended machine learning research with system engineering and Google-scale computing resources.

Google Brain’s mission is to improve people’s lives by making machines smarter. To do this, the team focuses on constructing models with high degrees of flexibility that are capable of learning their own features, and use data and computation efficiently.

With Google’s deep pockets and the stated aim that AI is it’s future, be prepared for computers to have even greater capabilities.

Try some AI right now with this drawing program. It predicts your drawing and comes up with a much better version. See how long it takes to pick your drawing.

Do you think computers will allow you to have more leisure time or steal your job?

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