How to Start A Podcast for 2020 The Definitive Guide Part 1


Hi there, this is Tony from, by request that I’m reading out to the guide of how to start a podcast for 2019 the definitive guide part 1

I guess it makes sense to actually have that as a podcast to make it easy for people to digest. And what I’m going to do, I’m going to read the first five sections for not very long, but I decided to break it up to make it a bit easier to digest.

So I’m going to do the introduction, the what is the purpose of your podcast? Who is your podcast targeting while they listen, keyword research and down to topic research, this is part one, I’m thinking it’s going to be about three parts. So this is the part one of the three. And I do apologize if it sounds a little bit like I’m reading from a script, because I am reading from the guide itself. Hopefully, I don’t make you fall asleep and make it too monotonous for you.

So how to start a podcast The Definitive Guide, also known as how to start your podcast in 2019  The most common obstacle to starting up a podcast is not knowing what to do, how to do it, or where to start, I guess that’s like most of us.

This guide will help you get past all the guesswork so you can smoothly launch in a podcast and take to the air. Now whether you’re a freelance a passionate hobbyist and activist or business owner or the marketing manager for business or product, podcasting provides you with a current and potentially a regular way to communicate with subscribers, customers, and your target audience, to promote your specialty, create brand awareness and encourage potential sales.

Okay, there’s a lot to read, it can help you to establish or expand authority in your field and to disseminate information by providing valuable and entertaining content to your listeners, you know, entertain, it doesn’t have to be clowns juggling or anything like that. Just I guess, try and keep it a little bit. out of The boring ordinary side, if possible. And it will also help you with your search ratings with Google making the enterprise more readily discoverable on the internet?

This is a new thing with Google. It’s in the States, it’s starting to get to Australia soon.

And we’ll cover that as we go along. But it’s pretty important. It’s also a useful alternative publishing written material on the internet. Because people can listen to audio while they’re driving and doing other things.

In fact, one of the most popular ways of listening to podcast is when your garden and in downtime. So that’s pretty good as well. The following Guide covers the main step by step points and how to go about it. And look, we just tried to simplify it and make it easy for you. But the reality is, there’s a lot of stuff you got to go through. And of course, we can help you to do this, which is an easier way than doing it yourself. But the guide is there, it does have the information. So it should help you.

So the first question is, what’s the purpose of your podcast? So why do you want to make a podcast? What purpose will it be serving, you might want to use it as a vehicle to create an online presence. So we can connect the thoughts and information that you have to share. Or establish your own credentials as an authority on a topic. Maybe you want to gather a ground swell of opinion, perhaps you want to provide a hobby like remote control, car racing, for instance, or job interested in product or education or something along those lines.

Look, the good thing about them as I work together network of followers or subscribers. So as you roll along, you might see that you’ll get more and more people listening and paying attention as you become more known. So that’s pretty important as well. And if you got a big enough podcast, and who knows whether you will, you can actually get sponsors are prepared to pay for advertising, pausing in your podcast stream. And the good thing is that most people listen to podcasts, don’t mind the ads. I know. I know. That’s according to latest research.

So once you identify what is my purpose, then you’re off to a great start. In fact, it’s a critical element to hold in mind to keep your focus on motivated. So when you’re not quite sure what you’re focused on on what you want to do, or if you’re motivated to keep going specific on what you want to achieve helps you to know it when you actually do achieve it. Okay, so I wanted to get into podcasting. And I thought, well, you know, what, other type of people that would also be interested in podcasting, especially smaller, medium sized businesses. And so I’ve targeted that, specifically, hopefully, with the information that I’m giving you.


Right, so who is your podcast targeting? Okay, so second only to while you’re doing it, if you don’t know exactly who you’re aiming your show at, you’ll have a small or random chance of growing an audience, or sustaining its interests over a time. So again, if you look at my other podcast, our business related, so this is not a kids podcast, it’s not an entertainment podcast, or a murder who done it, it is for businesses and for businesses to grow and prosper with their online presence. So if you’re a dietician who wants to make a healthy diet podcast, your target audience might be interested in healthy eating, weight loss, gaining more energy, etc.

We can even narrow it down to an age group, if that’s important for you. And even if you’re creating a show around your love of remote control has the new target audience would be those with the same passion. So be passionate about it, show that you have an interest. And that, especially when you want to help tips are great. So try to come up with some tips. Try to create a notional profile of your ideal customer. Yeah. So why would that person be listening to your podcast and listening to your episodes? So ask yourself, would Steve our target listener persona like this?

Is his focus on what he likes? Or she likes? If it’s Janet, and what they’re interested in? Remember, the profile of Elizabeth persona is basically that of your ideal customer that’s listening. So it’s designed just to reach the right people, by keeping those people in mind. Now, why would they listen to a very good question. there needs to be a reason why people would listen. Revisit whether your intention is to entertain your listeners to make them laugh, or think or to educate them.

Or even more important to provide them with useful tips and information to make their life or work easier, or some other purpose. Now, creating content will hit the spot for a target audience means I will get something out of listening to your podcast. And hopefully we interact enough to subscribe, share the content, and even come back for more. If your dietitian that will help someone lose weight and gain more energy, or really entertaining show with a friend or customer at the RC race track. listeners, if they feel a benefit, giving them a reason to listen and you’re giving them a reason to return again.


And again.


So it’s important thing about this at the early planning stages, try to write down five or six potential podcast episodes you think your target audience would love to hear. And just work around those. That’s really important to just think about that, write down those first few that you think you should be doing. And that will help you to remain focused. Because if you’re doing this like I am at the moment with my soft focus is a challenge sometimes, hopefully,

I’m going to achieve it in this podcast. Now I do something a little bit different. I look at keyword research and topic research because that helps you with your Google results, and helps you when people are looking for what your product or services that you’re offering, or want to present or the tips for those products or services. And that’s why this is a good business related podcast.

The key was about key those words most commonly used when people search online for something. Okay, so you should make your podcast description or website words match and include the keywords that people use when looking for your product or service. Yep, using more targeted keywords will help your website you more readily found on search engines like Google. And when folks are looking for what you’re offering. Yeah, you can especially see them into your written content. And mentioned some of those keywords, mention some of those topics and questions as you go along.

And Google will be able to pick those up. Because we’re the wonders of technology. They’re able to go through the order content and podcast and deliver front page results. And exact moment the search term appears in the podcast. Yep.

So make sure you include those keywords in the content. And that rolls through to topic research. Again, look at the topics, you can hit it with a quick Google search as well and just see if you’re interested in those topics that you want to talk about. And just see if the right questions are coming out that you think you i think you know your customers and obviously do but do you know your prospects that are looking for your business? So if you’re a mechanic and you only repair one type of car, well, maybe you can repair more than one we should let people know about it and they’ll never know. So think about that. Okay, so this is Tony from clicks for profit tips for profit company. This is the end of part one



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