How to Start A Podcast for 2020 The Definitive Guide Part 2

So in part two, we’re covering some more parts of the sections of how to start a podcast for 2019, the Definitive Guide, and we’re covering topic research, how to name your podcast, how important a good episode title is, what’s the right length for a podcast episode and how do i decide on a release schedule for my podcast episodes, finishing with what is the best format for a podcast.

Hey, this is Tony from clicks for profit clicks for And this is part two of the How to start a podcast Definitive Guide. podcast itself. I’m doing this by request, because obviously reading through is not as easy as listening to the podcast and you can digest it hopefully better on the podcast. But you know what?

I’m not an expert at doing this. Reading scripts and teleprompter and what have you sound like I’m reading from something. It’s because I am and hopefully I can mix it up a little bit to make it more interesting for you.

So let’s just get into it. Okay, so how to name your podcast? Okay? Apple is very fussy about the name of your podcasts. If it’s not descriptive, it will not be registered with Apple podcasts and you’re not get your podcast out there. So make sure it’s descriptive. And don’t go for the clever name. Okay, so I’m Bob the unicycle repairman. And I love unicycles. As opposed to I’m Bob, the bike repair guy. I love repairing bicycles. Yep. So people need to be able to find your show. So if I’m looking for someone who repairs my bicycles, that’s a better title, Bob’s bicycle repairs. Even if I got a unicycle. I’ll know where I can go. Okay.

So another one is thinking about this, which is better women’s larger foot accessories, or women shoes for larger feet. What do you think is more descriptive? And what do you think is a better name for a podcast?

And if you’re thinking about using your own name, if you are Kim Kardashian, I guess you can get away with that. But if you’re not, and you don’t have thousands of followers, Instagram and Facebook, Follow me on your name, then don’t do it. Nobody was searching for you. You need the name to be incorporate what they’re searching for. Okay. So when we did the topic research and the keyword research, this is why we did that. Now episode titles, how important are they, you know what, actually quite critical, because why would you want to have episode one, or Episode Two, who’s actually looking for Episode One, or Episode Two? Ok. So again, looking at my

podcasts, they descriptive on the podcast for clicks for profit, the descriptive. They’ve got plenty of information in there. And they’re actually easier to find that way through socially through

Apple podcasts, you can search much better that way. Okay, you know, if you search by episode name in iTunes, Apple podcasts, what’s the right length for a podcast episode? You know what I like to say between eight and 10 minutes depending on what I mean by depending. If you’re having a good chat with somebody, the topic overflows to half an hour as a good engaging conversation with a few people with solid information that’s engaging, that’s delivering valuable information, like tips and so forth. 10 to 30 minutes. Yeah, just be aware that when people look at podcast, I might go Oh, that’s what our podcast. I don’t have the time for that.

Where as a smaller digestible chunk of 10 minutes? Or 15 minutes by three? Okay, yeah, I can listen to that I can listen to part one, part two, part three, which what we’re doing right here. So hopefully you’ll listen to all three parts.

Yep. And the key thing is, how long does my podcast need to be to get the message out succinctly? So don’t panic. Don’t stretch, don’t get into repetition. Don’t panic, don’t stretch, but getting the repetition, because then people won’t be interested. So, you know, be succinct. Get to the point. Don’t miss about. Yep. Okay, so

like I said, if you got a good content, it’s a bit longer. Don’t be afraid to utilize that or cut it up into smaller chunks. That’s a good way of doing that as well. Yep. Because, yeah, you don’t want to lose that good content either.

How do I decide on a release schedule for my podcast episodes, you know what it is up to you and how much time you have to do that. I released three rapidly a few months ago. Since then I haven’t had time to do anymore. I want to get back into it now that I’ve got the time.

So it’s up to you what your schedule is, I should have been a bit more regular. So please be a bit more regular and I have been in the beginning.

But don’t sit to a deadline just for the sake of it. You’ll have a much better impact by putting up one excellent episode per month than a very average episode every week.

Now, what’s the best format so format is presentation such as what I’m doing here? This is what’s called a monologue format.


This can be similar, consist of a monologue with or without in sort of pre recorded pieces. On my pre recorded pieces at this stage. I keeping my podcast


And what it’s designed to do is to show your individual credibility and authority on the subject matter, without having to rely on others to help you.

While it’s straightforward, it’s also the most intimidating for somebody new.

Getting out of the habit that you’re talking to yourself, is a challenge.

Always Be conscious, I’m talking to all of you. And hopefully all of you are listening. And I don’t know if you got into Twin Peaks, the new season, there was somebody there who was being a bit of a rabble rouser with his gold shovels. And

I don’t think he was bothered with somebody was listening or not at all. Yep. So try and have a little bit of that.

But just make sure you focus on the people that you want to attract.

Right co hosted this is probably a bit easier, which is with a friend or a colleague

So that way you get that personal relationship, personal rapport going,

bouncing ideas off of each other, laughing and joking with each other. So it’s good for chemistry and people do like that. However, the scheduling is going to be a problem. So can you be in the same place at the same time? These days, you can do it online as well. But it’s a bit more of a challenge.

So yeah, you gotta double the amount of resources. And then of course interview show, right? If you are the expert, then someone’s can ask you all the right questions, which is what I do the radio show, my first few at the beginning, as an expert on Digital Marketing for Small and medium sized businesses. That was good, that was easier.

But you’re not always going to get that opportunity. So don’t rely on just that way of doing things. Okay, so there are other ways of doing things as well. Okay, so those are the formats and next, we’ve got

Section three or part three of how to sort of podcaster definitive guide, and I pass something in front of the microphone then so that’s my own fault.

This is Tony from clicks for profit clicks for that a year, and I’ll be back shortly. Please listen to part three and subscribe to the podcast.

See you soon. Bye


for your convenience the podcast is also below.

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