The importance of having a phone number in the top right hand corner.

Welcome to another blog post and video episode. Don’t forget the video is down the bottom of the text post.

And hopefully you’ll get some help from the tip that I’ve got today.

And today is about having your mobile phone number,or having a phone number, on your website.
Especially, in the top righthand corner prominently.

I don’t know about you, but I get frustrated when I get onto a website and I can’t see any content details.
I, in fact don’t deal with anybody to purchase things if I can’t see a phone number there.

And that takes me straight through to the first benefit of having a phone number on your website.

That is it helps to increase the trust of your web users.

According to a recent Google survey 47% of mobile search users are likely to buy
from a company with a phone number.

Helps to improve trust, increase trust and trust is what you want ’cause all you have is a
website facing into the world. So, really, have that phone number there.

Another benefit, it can help increase your conversion rate.
We’ve done A/B split testing and have discovered that websites with a phone number and call to action messages
can lead on average an increase in conversions from 7% up to 20%

So what would a simple 7% increase in sales look like for you?

Next is, makes it easier to solve customer problems.

So you know the old story. If you have a problem you’ll tell 10 people,if you are happy you’ll tell three.
So if someone has a problem, and I know they’re not gonna ever have a problem,
but if someone does then they will tell more people.Especially, if they can’t find you or find your contact number.
So, be quick. Get on top of it.
Don’t be like a lot of the bigger companies out there, like Telstra and others, that push you off using the phone.
Get it resolved quickly. Also, another thing to think about is the competition.

Do your competition have the phone number on their website?
If they do, are they converting more than you?
If they don’t, that can be competitive advantage for you.
So why don’t you have a look at some of your competitors now and see what they’re up to?
And for mobile devices, it’s really critical to have that quick level of communication.
People are on their phone doing a search, they find you, and then there’s
not click to call button or no phone number displayed there you will loose.
According to Google 84% of people use smart phones, mobile devices, while searching,
then 48% of local mobile searches ended with a call.
That’s 48%.
Are you missing out on that potential 48%?
That’s it for today.
So please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel and hopefully I’ll see you again soon, bye.

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