It depends.If you sell online, then yes. If you’re in FMCG or business to consumer, then yes.

However, if you’re in business to business, then it’s unlikely you’ll get a significant benefit.

For many small businesses, social media feels like a never ending party, where attendance alone is insufficient. One must make a big continuous splash.

That pressure produces a classic if disappointing effort reward imbalance for many small businesses. Indeed a survey released by Manta earlier this year said that nearly 50% of businesses surveyed had increased their time on social media. Another 55% actually using them for lead generation and customer engagement.

Despite this sincere and focused investment of resources more than 60% reported no return on investment.

You know, I’m unconvinced social media is a game changer for every business. Yeah, I do think a defined digital presence coupled with realistic expectations can be a support, a significant support for most, assuming a thoughtful approach is taken. These videos that I do go onto LinkedIn, they get looked at.

Does that lead to more business straight away? Not necessarily, but it does make me look like a bit more of an influencer, perhaps.

So, a couple of quick tips to avoid making rookie mistakes.

Focus on quality.

Richer messages are more likely to be noticed and shared because they are more engaging and informative. So don’t just go for numbers of posts, must do this, must do that. Again, look at the ones I’ve been sending out, quick, simple tips that can be easily digested and easily shared.

Okay, try and do picture and video. Again that’s what I’m doing today.

Respond to and engage with your customers.

Remember, they’ve taken the time and effort to get in touch with you, so make sure that you respond to the comments, that will help you to build up strong social capital and build up your brand.

Also that can help with social contagion, which means that your messages will be seen by people in your subscribers’ network and spread to a much wider network.

Consider ways to drive web traffic. It’s not the only way, but it’s good that you do this, potentially, don’t make a huge effort for it, just do a little bit of it.

And also it just shows overall customer satisfaction. It’s a valuable indicator of customer satisfaction, a metric such as likes, testimonials and reviews are very important.

When you purchase something do you look up the business?

Do you look up the reviews?

You probably do.

Anyway, that’s it for today,

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