When people are looking for what you’ve got, you want to be sure they can find you easily!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to maximizing the likelihood that your webpages will come up as close as possible to the top of search results when people are using a search engine (like Google, Bing or Yahoo) to look for what you have to offer.

This is achieved by ensuring that defined keywords, tags and metadata are incorporated into the content of sites, blogs and advertising based on the words and phrases that are most used by people searching, motivated and ready to buy.

Real results direct from Google Analytics. No BS

We know you don’t want to know…

With all the effort it takes to run a business successfully, let alone ensure compliance with financial and tax reporting, OHS directives and miles of red tape, we understand that keeping up with shifting trends in your online presence is one specialised but essential area that is near impossible for you to focus on.

In fact with the move to mobile traffic being higher than desktop this needs to be a key part of your strategy.

Also with voice searches now starting to occur more frequently this is where the future for search traffic is heading. Is your current or new agency on top of this?

It is more effective to leave your SEO strategies in the care of experts who know how to pull it all together for you. We know you don’t really want to know all about this “What is SEO?” stuff, as much as you just want something that works well for you and that’s why we’re here.

You can trust Clicks for Profit, your Search Engine Optimisation Professional in Sydney, to get results for your business, so your business can get on with what it does best.

Capture and drive traffic to YOUR site 

Getting found on Google will make you money

Clicks for Profit’s expert SEO service team will identify the ways to put your best online foot forward, to capture and drive traffic to your website and you. Our ongoing monitoring and analysis of web traffic flow and responses allows us to move and adjust with changes in those patterns as they arise, to keep your business’s search rankings competitive amongst others in the field. Unlike some other SEO companies we are able to integrate this component into an overall strategic online approach, designed to keep your business out in front and improve your site’s conversion rate.

The world of SEO is ever-changing, not just because search engines frequently vary their result algorithms, but also due to the morphing and expansion of the systems themselves – what they do and how they do it. Mobile phone users for example, are increasingly targeted as an important traffic source representing those who are out and about and actively looking to buy what they are searching for. Knowing how to target and reach your market and then convert that into sales is something we specialise in.

Please contact our team at Clicks for Profit to see if we could assist you to get better results from your online presence. We’d be happy to help.