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It’s easy to build a website, and not think about the people who will ultimately use it or forget about them over time.

Today’s blog is covering that off.

First thing is: Design for the Users. Research and identify who your target audience is,

and keep them in mind, when creating every aspect of your website, to make sure that you meet their needs.

Make sure that you listen to your users and if you have a current client base, ask them what they’re looking for.

Less Is More: Online, people have an eight-tenth second attention-span at most.

That means, you have to lure them in, quickly. Your homepage should only include the most important details, like what your business is all about. Since you’ve got lots of good content to share, just have links to inner pages.

Think of the website as a Yellow Brick Road: Move users seamlessly, from one section to the next, by understanding their goals, and needs.

Make sure the important stuff’s at the top of the page and make sure the interfaces are nice, and easy to use.

Don’t get too smart. Don’t get too jazzy about it. Keep it simple.

Scrolling: People will scroll just make sure relevant information is below the fold, where people are aware there is more information down there.

For Mobile, it’s different:

Make sure that the elements are not hard to tap, and if they are too close together like a pinky finger

to press anything on the website, then it’s too small. So go for one CM width, with plenty of padding, around that.


Make sure the navigation is obvious and for Mobile show the most frequently used options at the top and hide the others under a hamburger menu. Buttons must look nice and clickable as well as big and prominent.

And you’ve got about zero-point one second when somebody presses a button for it to actually work

and be usable and active. Most visitors scan-first and read-later.

Use feature-variety to make scanning easier.

You can bring up the main points maybe in bullet points.

  • Think of the user first
  • Buttons prominent
  • Don’t get too smart

And of course, the most important thing is to have your Contact Details on the page. Remember: Phone Number, Top Right-Hand Corner.

Make sure you have your Contact Us Page and all information is there, and try to put an Inquiry Form on each page.

And that’s today’s Blog.

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