Australia’s First Full Service Podcast Producer for SMB’S

Ever get frustrated that large brands get all the attention and action?

Yep so do we.

As a podcast producer that focuses on SMB’S (Small and Medium sized Business’s) our aim is to even the odds.

We set up the entire podcast from research, to interviewing you, to getting you on a hosting platform, to lodging you with the main podcast channels such as Apple Podcasts, and also producing blogs from your podcasts.

We also keep getting asked how much does it cost to produce a podcast? Well, a lot less than you think. Do you really need an intro and outro and custom branding and days of strategy meetings to bump up the production costs?

Sure these can be helpful but all you really want to do is get the podcast done and out there.You don’t want it to cost the earth and you then want to go back to your business. We even show you how to produce a podcast right here so you can take the many hours needed to do it yourself

Have a listen to a few podcasts including our Google Digital Marketing Tips For Success Podcasts

Notice that they don’t have to be studio productions with booming voices and music and custom branding to be what you need. We make podcasts that help you to connect with existing customers to introduce them to your latest products and services.
They also help you with targeting new business as they are a great form of follow up as they are engaging and you are talking directly to the new customers. Also Google now searches through podcasts to deliver results on the front page.
Psst the real power of Podcasts is that they are generating content. As we also convert the audio to blogs you get double the value from your content. Yes you can also convert this into slideshows with the audio and voilà you have video!!
In Australia the podcast market is growing and now is the time to get in on the ground level.

Podcasting Brings Increased Web Traffic

Podcasting Develops Influential Relationships

Podcasts Have Low Competition

Engaging & Convenient for Listeners

Establishing Thought Leadership

Disposable Income Demographics

Content Publishing Consistency

Google Makes Podcasts Searchable by Automatically Transcribing Them


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