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Optimize Google my business. Tips to optimise your GMB listing. 

In this episode we go through key steps to optimise and improve on your Google My Business listing. The maps section has changed greatly over the years and it can be confusing. Tony takes away some of that confusion and gives actual real life tips to improve your Google My Business Listing. clicks for profit google my business listing

Full transcript and player also available at this LINK 


Why use an external digital marketer for Google

Why engage an external digital marketer for successful google profits. In this episode we look at the reasons and benefits of engaging an external DM. We cover the history of search with Alta Vista, the fact we now spend more time on internet activities than watching TV and ask have robots taken over the world.

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Introduction to Tony and Google Partners

Introduction to Tony And what actually is a Google Partner.

We help businesses with SEO, which is search engine optimization, and Google ads And we’re a Google partner. So with ads, we are qualified with Google themselves.Clicks for Profit google partner logo

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