Clicks for Profit can provide the full end to end Podcast Production Services to help you get your podcast up and out there into the world. As Australia’s First Full Service Podcast Production for SMB’S we are here to help.

Our podcast production is designed to make it easy to get up and going with minimal disruption. In fact all the time our podcast producers in Sydney need from you is 30 minutes. With technology leaping and bounding into the future, voice searches have become a buzz word for marketers. Google searches now tap into the keywords found, not just in written material on the web, but also in audio that is broadcast online. Because of this, the podcast is fast becoming a most attractive way of bringing searchers into your ambit.

For instance, if in your live podcast you say, “we are dog groomers in Sydney”, and someone is searching for dog groomers in Sydney, your link can come up in their Google search, as soon as you’ve said it, in real time!

Clicks for Profit is the podcast producer that delivers effective content and value for money.

ABC Podcast Research

  • Clicks for Profit helps you start up a podcast and get clear on defining the purpose of your podcast, who your target audience should be, and why they would listen to you.
  • We’ll carry out and incorporate the best keyword and topic research for choosing your episode titles and content as well as suggesting cover art and format assistance.
  • We interview you to record the podcast itself. We then edit this to produce 2 or 3 episodes.
  • The episodes are then set up on a platform and registered with Spotify, Google podcasts and Apple podcasts.
  • The podcasts are also converted to blogs to further help you with content marketing.
  • We can also address your scheduling, formatting, scripting and equipment issues for recording and editing yourself, as well as placing the podcasts and blogs on your website.

You may be a business owner, freelancer, passionate hobbyist, or the marketing manager for a business or product, but in all cases, podcasting gives you a current and potentially regular way to put what you have to offer in front of those who are seeking it. 

Not only is it convenient and time efficient for your target audience to be able to listen while they are driving or doing other things, but in more immediate terms, they can find your business while they are out actively searching for your product or service.

The advantages of podcasting

Podcasting helps you to boost your search ratings with Google, making your enterprise more quickly and readily discoverable on the internet. By providing valuable and/or entertaining content to your listeners using the podcast as your vehicle, you can:

  • communicate with your subscribers/customers
  • attract your target audience
  • promote your specialty or interest
  • create brand awareness
  • encourage potential sales
  • gather a network/following
  • create a more personal connection
  • keep your listeners up to date
  • engender goodwill in the marketplace
  • establish authority in your field
  • podcasting is convenient to consume
  • boost your search ratings
  • Voice is a powerful way to communicate