Hey, welcome to the next blog and this one is to do with the benefits of having a holiday, especially for the business, for productivity, and for your health.


Reduce stressBenefits of holidays crusie ship


One of the benefits of going on holiday is, helps to reduce stress.


While some stress can be useful or beneficial like eustress, up to 80% of workers are stressed on the job and 70% of their trips to health care providers are based on stress.


Taking a holiday can help maintain good health and prevents burn out. Increases creativity.

Taking a holiday, getting away from everything, you’re allowed to deflate your mind, and slowing pace allows people to see their everyday world differently,


You’re not rushing around all the time. People experience clearer thinking, as well as increased creativity of the disconnecting from their work environment for a sustained period of time.

Boosts emotional stability.


Too much time at the office?


Whether you work long hours, or just refuse to take a holiday, can leave you feeling frustrated.


Getting away from it all reduces frustrations, and anger and wards off potential for inappropriate outbursts.


And we may hear some from the cabin next door, so you never know.


Makes confidence soar.


Many researchers have noted that people return from a holiday with a

renewed sense of self.


A refreshed and tender approach, allows more vigour. You’ll notice that yourself, that you go on holiday and you’re really raring to go, you got more energy.


You allow yourself to get bored. So that’s beneficial.


Improves your intelligence.


The human body requires down time, is like a computer hard drive. So time on holiday, or asleep or resting, allows your brain to process and digest information. And you can put more information in, as well.


So that’s another one of the benefits.


Improves moods.


Helps you to recharge, which helps improve your alertness. Improves low moods.


Taking a break from deadlines and high pressure environments fights stress. Altering your mind by taking a holiday can shift irritable, depressed or anxiety ridden moods to ones that are more calm and relaxed.


Fights colds and infections


while it might scientifically be true, getting away for a while helps keep your body healthy.


It’s been proven that continual or chronic stress and anxiety can greatly compromise bodily function.


Even the genetic material in your cells can be impacted by stress.


Be inspired by new ideas


And finally, you might be inspired by new ideas and new ways of doing things, such as doing a blog

on a holiday on a cruise ship.


So, it’s good to refresh the mind, refresh the body, go on holiday, enjoy yourself, don’t think about work.


Try going on a cruise where you don’t get any Internet connection at all.


Okay, ’til next time, bye.

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